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Developers who step into VRP often approach it the same way they approach residential sales. This is a huge mistake.

Either a developer is terrified to have salespeople talk about the investment aspect of the properties at all, or they let the salespeople say anything they want. Both of these approaches can cause significant problems.

  • State by state, and country by country, there are specific rules when it comes to selling properties that can be rented short-term. You cannot quote projections.
  • However, you can talk about comparable in terms of rental fees and maintenance requirements. You can show what occupancy has been in the past for similar properties.
  • You can give references to management companies that other owners in your development have used.

Selling a VRP property is a much more complicated sale than a strictly residential transaction—and your people are missing a giant piece of the puzzle if they don’t talk about the rental potential of a property because they are confused about the law.

Personalized sales coaching shines a light on exactly what your sales team should be focusing on: the balance of financial return and family enjoyment for each and every prospect.

Learn more about how my expert sales coaching process can help your organization.


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