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Announcing the Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Vacation Rental Property

Official LIFE AS A VACATION Now Available!
During his time as the Director of Sales for the Four Seasons Costa Rica in 2003, global real estate and vacation industry expert Craig Shawn Williamson met an unassuming American couple in their mid-50s. They invited him to dinner and told their story:

In the late 1990s, the husband had been working as a plumber and the wife was a bookkeeper at their church. They had noticed a lack of hotel rooms in their town for tourists, so they began renting out the spare room in their home. Encouraged by that positive experience, they purchased a small two-bedroom house nearby and began renting it for days or single weeks at a time.

This home, which would have rented for $350 per month in their small town, began generating an income of over $4,000 per month.

Five years later, these two owned 25 homes in seven different major tourism areas around the world. They stayed in them, rented them, and enjoyed their lives—more or less always on vacation. This wonderful couple had come to the paradise of Costa Rica because they were buying a $2 million home with a 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean at the Four Seasons to use themselves. And, of course, to place in their “rental pool” for income.

From that day in 2003 to today, Williamson has been fortunate enough to participate in and observe this couples approach to investing and vacationing grow into a massive industry. He has met thousands of individuals, couples, and families who have transformed their lives. He has seen a small corner of the real estate market explode into the mainstream.

There are more opportunities in the industry, now referred to as “Vacation Rental Property” (VRP), than ever before. Today, Williamson is partnering with an array of industry experts and resources to bring two decades of knowledge, tactics, and VRP experiences to you—in one life-changing book. LIFE AS A VACATION: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Vacation Rental Property provides a solid foundation of knowledge to investors looking to create a truly spectacular lifestyle:

  • Defining VRP: What is VRP? Where is VRP? Why invest in VRP? Who invests in VRP?
  • The Business of VRP: Your VRP Business Plan, Industry/Market Analysis, Customer Analysis, Your Operational Plan, Your Marketing Plan
  • Your Business Entity: Sole Proprietorship? LLC? S Corp?
  • Your Product, Your Home: Architecture, Design, Construction, Developments
  • Location: Where to invest to enjoy the greatest ROI
  • VRP Positioning: Stand Alone Vacation Home Rentals? Resorts with VRP? Branded VRP Resort Developments?
  • Purchasing Your VRP: How toBuild Your Team
  • Your Purchase Process: Existing or New Construction, VRP Financial Projections, Tax Impact
  • Operating Your Business: DIY Management, Pricing Strategies

For those who embark on a Vacation Rental Property investment without doing their homework, problems can and do arise. Some simply get in over their heads financially. Some choose a poor VRP location or suffer from low occupancy rates because they don’t know how to market their investment.

Others do okay but find they are not maximizing profits and cannot reach their goals. By reading this book, investors will have a leg-up. It’s that simple.

VRP is more than the marketing and cleaning of a vacation home. There is a massive array of variables in this business. There are many more considerations, and many more disciplines you need to master if you are to treat VRP as it should be treated, as a business. YOUR business.

What Does Profit Mean to You?

Some might think of profit as “the excess of returns over expenditures in a transaction.” In other words, profit equals money. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but another definition of profit is “to be of service or advantage; to derive benefit.”

We prefer this definition of the word. As they say, “invest in land because they are not making more of it.”To this, we would add: “Invest in time with your loved ones, as they are not making more of it.”

There are many investments that can turn a financial profit; there are not many that can provide family memories, adventure, love, and connection. Consider the “profit” of seeing your spouse smile while laying by the pool, or of your child giggling in delight while taking her first ski lesson. Or how about the feeling you get from the “profit” of having your entire family or group of friends together in your vacation home?

Owning Vacation Rental Property (VRP) makes all this possible, and more, including financial gains. BIG financial gains. Having spent two decades in the Resort/Residential industry, operating within the Hospitality, Development, Finance and Sales and Marketing sectors, author Craig Shawn Williamson has observed this industry up close and seen well-intended investors from other asset classes stumble before doing extremely well in VRP. He wants to help others avoid that initial stumble and assist you, the new VRP business owner to profitability, both with financial and personal enrichment.

In his career, Williamson has known and knows to this day, many private investors who have had their lives changed with this business. Many have, in fact, quit their jobs, assembled an array of vacation rental homes, and spend their days on vacation. They have transformed their lives into an ongoing adventure in some of the most beautiful, exotic places in the world. They get to see their spouses smile and hear their children giggle with delight, all year long.

LIFE AS A VACATION: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Vacation Rental Property


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